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Emily Otchie

I have long been influenced by a fusion of cultural influences, whose vibrancy is reflected in my work.  As a result, my work is always one to stand out from the crowd, with my fearless use of bold and vibrant colour and eccentric style.  With family from both Ghana and the U.K., I am drawn to contrasting themes which explore the range and diversity of cultures that live side-by-side in modern society.

This has been the driving force throughout previous projects and has carried through to my graduate collection. My collection explores the juxtaposition between modern urban life and traditional tribal textiles, fusing bold colours, patterns and embellishment with urban garment silhouettes.

I am most excited about exploring the range of possibilities that can be created by pushing the boundaries within knit techniques as well as traditional craft, giving knitwear a personality which exudes lots of energy and colour.

Tags: Colour, Fashion, Knit, Knitwear, Textiles, Tribal

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