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Emily Tilzey

A lot of my work is inspired by the delicate state of mind a lot of us are in. We are experiencing constant flashes of energy and bouts of thoughts and feelings, our experience of life can be very uncertain and is often. People fascinate me with their complexities; I don’t think I will ever fully understand another person. 

 My own processes are somewhat dreamy and distorted although I’m often drawn towards the more organised realms of design. Some of my favourite pieces of art are posters or book covers. I find some sort of modest beauty in objects that are functional. I have dabbled in design work and enjoy it a lot. There is a crossover of fine art and design in some of my work; I feel it lends itself well visually into both categories. I recently created on a series of events posters for Manchester based club Soup Kitchen after us both coming to the conclusion that a lot of promotional artwork lacks talent and consistency and it has been one of my favourite projects so far. 

Tags: Collage, Fine Art, Graphic, Illustration, Painting

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