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Fahima Chowdhury

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Andy Warhol

I am a surface pattern designer mainly inspired by the natural world. Focusing on creating wallpaper prints for interior purposes, I explore the numerous aspects of nature and find ways to portray its beauty. Nature is a main substance within my designs, as I feel that the concept of nature’s beauty has been unappreciated in recent times, therefore, an objective of mine is to remind people of the charm, value and exquisiteness that the natural world provides.

Using Photoshop and drawings, I produce my patterns. Variation is a thought that I keep in mind while producing prints as it reflex the variation of nature.

My intent is to bring the natural world into a home where it will begin form an ambiance. However, the wallpaper designs I produce can also be used in other  places besides homes.

Tags: Digitalprint, Drawings, Nature, Photoshop, Screenprint, Wallpaper

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