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Fatma Kubra Celik

The idea of my project was about over consumption as I have recently become aware of how much we spend on our clothes and dispose them while they are reasonably new or even unworn, commonly known as the ‘throw away’ society. As well as consuming solely based on our desires, advertisements and social media also easily influence us. As a solution I have attempted to introduce a system of repairing, up cycling and recycling used products to the throw away society. With this project I aimed to find an exciting and interesting way to make people feel more welcomed and to engaged with process of making. It is aimed to change general public’ mind set about up cycling/ recycling and make it more popular. ‘Made by’ offers individuals an alternative way of reinventing of new fashion garments by using old pieces. So it is an independent place from all the mainstream markets so people cherish and acknowledge the presence and the local talents. 

I used the theme of “time” to portrait the system as these so called unwanted products have a lifespan that is longer than we expected yet they are being disposed and to be given a second life. 

Tags: Consumerism, Interior, Recycling, Time, Up-cycling

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