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Grace Maleedy

Why you shouldnt be friends with me:

I can't code, I can't sing, I worry like there's no tomorrow, My spelling is terrable*, I'm a perfectionist.

Why you should be Best Friends with me :

I'm a perfectionist, I enjoy great company with great suggestions, I'm an ideas girl, I love social network and have a great understanding of social media, I love meeting new people.

*I spelt terrible wrong on purpose.

As you can see my pro's outway my con's.

I also consider myself to be a foodie, so if we're Best Friends there will be food involved..... a lot of food.

Basically, I love to make things that are interesting to me and it's a bonus if they interest others too. I love to use my hands and really get another understanding for what I'm making. I love to bounce ideas off others in a creatively rich environment, there's nothing more exciting than having an idea but not knowing your final outcome.

Having endless possibilities is quite a cool concept.



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