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Hannah Laughland

My main inspiration comes from a deep personal connection we all hold to family. My concept revolves around the relationship between myself and my own family members and discovering ideas around nostalgic objects. For the viewer I hope to challenge an interaction for them in response to their ideas of family and memory. In creating contemporary pieces of contextual art I use a broad range of mixed media to challenge the boundaries between art and textiles.

My final work was a response from a visual study of research I did into my Grandparent's past, with an importance on reliving and triggering memories that have now been forgotten. By studying objects found hidden away in my Grandparents attic, uncovering slides, photographs and objects, with some holding memories dating back over a 100 years. I have experimented with creating an outcome personal to my Grandad representative of the 19 years my Granparents spent in that house and the memories it holds.

Tags: Digital Print, Embroidery, Illustration, Memories

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