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Hannah Pillai

“It is necessary to recognize that reverie liberates any dreamer, man or woman, from the world of demands.” - Gaston Bachelard 

My work explores poetic reverie. I am fascinated by the idea of transporting the viewer into an  imagined place which transcends the oppression of the modern world. Focused on film making, the work originates in sculptural forms which, through a process of translation, transform into dream- like images which flicker and dance, lulling the viewer into a trance-like state. I deliberately use industrial and man-made materials as a commentary on the falseness of our environment. Using immersive installations to explore my ideas, the work invites the viewer into deep contemplation, to experience the raw emotions associated with reverie. I use the language of immersive installation to create an imagined transcendence. The abstract and blurred quality of the films emphasises the intangible quality of reverie.  

Tags: Abstract Film, Fine Art, Installation Art, Reverie

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