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Hannah Sulek

The theme that has a continuous presence within my work is that of time and space. My work reveals a continuity of conceptual and figurative explorations in photography (both analogue and digital), film, drawing and three dimensional structures. Using the camera as a catalyst in constructing work, comprising images and other material elements to form a collective of multi-disciplinary works. I am interested in the transient effect time has upon a space, through documentation of its growth and change.

Temporal Time is a multi-dimensional piece, merging analogue and digital forms. The three elements consist of image projection, sound audio and drawing. My idea is to create an installation within which the audience becomes immersed in an individual audio-visual experience, the drawing would be of a scale that it would stretch across the space and when combined with the sound element would create a juxtaposing piece combining the figurative and the abstract. Central to the piece is the enquiry into the way space and time are felt and experienced.

Tags: Multi-disciplinary Drawing

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