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Haroon Noon

Haroon is concerned with the experimentation of ideas, questioning the status quo by finding alternative possibilities to contemporary typologies. This is embodied in his final thesis project that draws on the notion of urban shrinkage by developing a manufacturing facility that engages community-based production to re-value waste building materials. The project gives new purpose to neglected sites, addressing a system of waste and discarded resources- be it in human skills or material culture- by way of adaptive reuse through bottom-up initiatives. The group project Reciprocus collectively interacts through an engaging architectural fiction focused on amplifying the inefficiency of contemporary society. His postgraduate dissertation engaged with emerging practices to identify potential drivers dictating new typologies of future practice. In addition to this, he has spent 2 years in architectural practice, participated in extensive design workshops, curated exhibitions and initiated social media campaigns, as well as winning an international design competition.

Tags: Creative Destruction, Discarded Resources/ Waste Building Materials, Exchange, Manufacturing Process, Re-appropriation, Re-value, Recontextualise, Urban Scar

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