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Harry Fryer

My artwork revolves around a loose figurative adaptation of scenery, character and narrative, often experimenting with various ways to represent a moment through my use of pencil, pen, inks and digital manipulation.

I'm inspired by my surroundings and the people I meet, creating characters and stories that either feature in single illustrations, or full comics.  

My recent work explores the idea of creating a comic in a different format, while also exploring how we read and percive individual images as a whole, removing text to emphasize the passage of time through silent images. 

Adapted from a Welsh folk tale, the story explores two distinct worlds, created and inspired through my own experiences of south Wales and New York City, using a distinct stylistic choice to show how a character can change and veiw the world in a different way, conveying this idea to the reader.

Tags: Book, Characters, City, Comics, Conceptual, Digital, Digital Colouring, Figurative, Graphic, Ink, Narrative, Pen, Pencil, Print, Scenery, Scenes, Sketch, Story, Water Colour

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