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Hollie Turner

I have always lived on the bright side of life, ensuring myself that everything is perfect and good, yet deep down i knew it was about time to delve in to the real world and begin considering reality, especially as it my time to enter it.

Doing this, I decided to focus on a most common means of escaping reality, Disney, and more specifically how women are portrayed in the media through Walt Disneys 'Disney Princesses'.

To do this i took the 5 princesses with the most interesting stories to develop these into life after the fairytale. I decided to employ realistic qualities to make these princesses more true to life, and show how not everything is as idealistic as we are made to believe when we are younger, and that the women we are shown in the media, like the Disney Princesses, show unrealistic ideas that are usually unattainable for most modern women.

As i have a keen interest in all aspects of media, including photography, film, design and installation i decided to incorporate a bit of each into this piece of work.

The Princess Reflections challenges you to rethink your perceptions on how women should be through the use of photography, film and installation art.

Tags: Beauty, Conceptual Art, Disney, Disney Princess, Dissertation, Dressing Table, Fairytale, Feminism, Film, Installation, Media, Photography, Projection, Reality

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