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Isaac Waring-Thomas

I am interested in the intersection between textiles and digital art, exploring computer softwares and virtual realities. I utilise a digital embroidery machine which provides an effective mediator through which I can explore aspects of time, physicality and process.

My main interest is to provide work which explores human/computer interaction, whereby neither ‘tool’ is given complete reign of process, but they work together to provide new and innovative work. In this project I have used portraiture as a standpoint to explore ideas surrounding the physicality of the computer ‘glitch’.

A glitch is a failure in a computer system, a point in time whereby an error has been introduced, yet it only exists within a virtual space. A fracture in the computers code, it creates a loss of information and data, breaking up our perceptions of that which is real and that which is broken. That which is glitch. 

Tags: Digital, Embroidery, Glitch, Portraits, Textiles, Virtual

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