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Jade Noon

My practice focuses on Furniture and Lighting Design, my work focuses on more computerised methods of production, for instance using the CNC and Laser cutter to produce my products. I design for a domestic environment, designing with quality, affordability and originality in mind, wanting all my products to be available to all audiences.

My latest collection of lighting and tables focuses on using an alternative method of joining, in which I focused on the slotting method. Each of the products from my latest range can easily be assembled and disassembled by the customer, I wanted to create products that the customer can interact with and be part of the creation of their products. I eventually want to create accessories for the products for instance interchangeable pieces, that come in a variety of different colours giving the customer the choice to give their product a new look.

Tags: Cad, Cnc Router, Furniture, Laser Cutter, Lighting, Pendant Light, Tables

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