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Jake Tibbits

My work combines elements of film, sculpture, and performance.

My conceptual practice is deeply intertwined with my academic research into the anthropology of ritual and queer theory.
I am particularly interested in the unfixed nature of queer identification; the influence of social and religious norms and attempts to assimilate into archetypes and narratives determined by prevailing attitudes.

In my current work, I attempt to develop visual languages which allow the body to be read in isolation from societal constructs. Using visual abstractions of the sexual body, I look towards rediscovery of a sense of the numinous that comes not from any externally imposed moral narrative, but from the exploration of fundamentally human experience.

Tags: Animation, Anthropology, Erotic, Experimental, Fetish, Film, Gender, Identity, Installation, Performance, Philosophy, Projection, Queer Theory, Religion, Ritual, Sculpture, Sexuality, Surreal

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