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Jennifer Routh

The Salford Gateway

My scheme revolves around the concept of creating a gateway between Salford and Manchester City Centre, through the reintroduction of a Salford marketplace. The scheme also provides recreational facilities for those staying in the nearby hotel chains, mixing together the contrasting functions in order to encourage the mixing of populations.

The scheme unfolds as a journey to be undertaken, juxtaposing thresholds with the functions beyond them as the scheme winds deeper into the existing fabric of the site.

The development of the design draws inspiration from the novels of author Neil Gaiman, utilising the constistent themes of dual existence which that rely on the reader to uncover as they move further into the narrative. Through this idea of exploration, the unfolding programme within my scheme became a key aspect of both the experiential and the physical.

Tags: Architecture, Community, Illustrative, Salford, Work/space/place

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