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Jenny Stevenson

My final Design Collection has been inspired by the organic patterns made from smoke and shadows. Using drawing and mixed media to explore a variety of textures & patterns suitable for a range of print designs for women’s accessories.

I am passionate about taking photographs of nature and the forms and patterns they create naturally.  By layering different patterns and surface qualities and by using hand drawing and digital methods to generate exciting new designs. 

My work translates onto cloth through digital and hand printing processes, combining successfully the qualities achieved from the photography and the detailed drawings.

A range of silk fabrics have been used to project a luxurious and expensive feel to the scarves, allowing them to drape and fold on the body, creating further dimension when worn.  The choice of silk also enhances the deep colour palette and shows the detail of the print vividly.

Tags: Design, Digital, Floral, Form, Layering, Luxurious, Nature, Organic, Pattern, Print, Shadows, Silk, Smoke, Texture

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