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Jessica Brown

I am a surface pattern designer, admirer of organic, natural forms. My practice depicts my day to day influences, through the use of preparatory methods.

My appreciation for illustration has been a great influence in my practice of designing a stationery and wallpaper collection. Using the strong drawing skills that I have developed over my time at Manchester Metropolitan University, I wanted my digitally enhanced prints to reflect the diversity of my practice showcasing my own personal style within a varied art form.

Using a range of techniques and media, my collections show versatility and a passion for keeping that raw hand-drawn quality within modern design.  The floral imagery and vintage palette works in harmony, projecting colour, intricacy and freshness. Influenced by the botanical forms within spring flower gardens.  

Tags: Art, Digital Print, Floral, Hand Drawn, Photoshop, Stationery, Wallpaper

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