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Jessica Zimmerhansl

Throughout my third year I have designed a series of printed textile collections, intended to be used within both an interior and exterior environment. The collections have been inspired by varying forms of fine art abstract and geometric both contemporary and historic.

The collections have evolved through continual experimentation with monoprint processes, combining conventional techniques in innovative ways, dynamically transferring painting qualities to the textiles. The differing work expressed through screen printing methods is of contrasting themes of movement and order, bold sophistication but rooted in sourced and personal artistic inspiration.

The collections produced are intended to be used for interior fabrics, wallcoverings, accessories, and used for external prints on buildings for a high end market. Designing these collections has allowed me to develop a strong identity and experimenting with every aspect of the design process.

Tags: Check, Handprinted, Ineterior, Made In England, Print, Screen Print, Stipe

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