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Joanna Ortiz

"As an artist I tell the truth in words and image, mainly about my everyday. I've come to accept that this is what I do, despite at times desperately wanting to do something else, something less honest. The Degree process has shown me its futile trying to fight what I'm driven to do, which is reveal parts of myself, however uncomfortable that feels at times.

I do it for myself. I try not to need approval. I approve of myself. But this is work in progress. I do it for myself and others. For that moment of connection when someone, somewhere gets me. That's the gold I'm after, of being witnessed, understood and connected to others. I work simply, with whatever materials are to hand, whenever I can. At least a pen and paper. And now a camera. I hope to inspire others to create their own art and tell their stories. 'I Am A Poet And I Didn't Even Know It' is me in word and image. Simple as really."

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