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John Lynch


I walk these streets, wander through books, talk, listen and look. Then I produce stories. Stories about my discoveries, about spaces or places or history or science, but really about people. How we make sense of our world, and communicate with others. The traces we leave, the ideas inscribed, the structures and ephemera passed on.  

Certain motifs, like images in glass, reappear in my work, but I will use whatever suits. Materials appropriate for meaning. The meaning in layers. The immediate, tangible and obvious, the more subtle inevitably lying beneath. Explanations that on occasion, are enigmatic and meander, but are never misleading, never overly cryptic. I employ the senses, researching our perceptions. Authenticity is always a temptation, but honesty and sincerity are my watchwords.  

If I was to describe what I do in one word it would be Interpreter. 

Tags: Glass, History, People, Photography, Research, Stories

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