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Josie Cawdry

During my time spent at the Manchester School Of Art I have developed my artistic and conceptual skills, enabling me to look at the world around me in a more creative and fluid ay. Specialising in woven textile design, I work with modern architecture and influential patterns to develop a strong palette from which my designs are formulated. My interest in shape and colour proportions are what led me to create my final collections. Looking to create something almost three dimensional, I have experimented with yarn qualities and fabric densities to achieve a sense of structure within the flat surface.

Working alongside my woven samples are a collection of digital patterns, the repeats and colour blocks work as an aid for my woven collections, aiming to replicate in a different way the scenes and visuals held around us in urban Manchester. 

Tags: Blocks, Colour, Pattern, Repeat, Structure, Urban, Weave

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