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Julia Steinberg

There is little difference between individual places in Trafford Park as no prominent spots have been specially designed or have a unique visual appearance.

Using colour in the form of planting and hardscape can give the place a new visual identity. The aim is to make it easier for people to navigate within this area, through the subconscious process of recalling different coloured spaces.

As well as colour, another characteristic is the play of convex and concave elements. The convex elements form part of the park, designed with green grass hills. The concave elements can be found in the skate park of the site.

Colour and height variations will make the visitor attentive, allowing them to experience the place consciously. If they visit the place frequently, a stronger sense of social activity could develop. This abstract could be the beginning of a skater-community in Trafford Park.

Tags: Colour, Colour Illustration, Community, Convex / Concave, Landscape, Navigation, Skateboarding, Trafford Park

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