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Katarzyna Jasniewska

I am hugely inspired by colour and the use of non-precious materials. My pieces are playful and child-like; however they have detail in them that a child could not do. I work with brightly coloured polymorph and create wearable jewellery that stands out from the crowd. It is fun and will brighten up any outfit. I am inspired by natural forms in unnatural colours and challenge the non-precious materials in the jewellery world. I am constantly developing my skills in working with polymorph, and challenging it with detail carving and forming.

I also create DIY kits for people to create their own polymorph and wax rings. The wax breaks away in time and the polymorph form is revealed which are great for gifts making as the receiver wont know what is underneath the coral0like wax form. 

Tags: 3d Design, Contemporary Jewellery, Jewellery, Polymorph, Wax Jewellery

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