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Kate Miller

Damaged Landscapes

“What though the radiance

which was once so bright

Be now forever taken from my sight,

Though nothing can bring back the hour

of splendour in the grass,

glory in the flower,

We will grieve not, rather find

strength in what remains behind.”

William Wordsworth: Poem #1173 ‘Splendour in the Grass’


Has industrialisation damaged the British landscape?

These images reflect a modern view of our endlessly admired “beauty spots”; alas no longer are there unspoilt rolling hills and picturesque wonders, for now industry and engineering own the land. Wind Farms, Power Stations and Military Outposts are some of the many structures situated in the scenic Yorkshire countryside. They are magnificent, yet caustic to the rural beauty.

In this work I have tried to capture the intensity and overpowering atmosphere of these dominant structures in the every day world.

Tags: Landscape

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