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Katrina Mclaughlin

In my work I am deeply influenced by ecology and how animals have adapted in order to survive in their natural environments. Using my own photography to discover the amazing creatures that have developed through evolution particularly those animals that have evolved to camouflage into their surroundings and the others that use vivd colours to attract and warn other creatures.

My paintings use modern technology to push to boundaries of digitally printed designs, as I use the computer as my canvas rather than just a manipulator. Each design is a still frame from the story of these animals as they come to life with the short animations I have produced so the audience can interact with the designs.

My ambitious is to become a designer that is able create interaction between print design and the audience using modern technology to reveal the story behind each design.

Tags: Computer Aided Design, Digitally Printed Textiles, Print Design, Printed Textiles, Wacom Tablet

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