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Kayleigh Heydon

When we look at space we become comfortable, and expect these mundane encounters to continue. When a change occurs we are destabilised, we see a familiar area as a new one and are encouraged to understand a space differently.

Botanical environments, such as woodlands, allow light through its structural forms. Conversely architecture typically obstructs our view.

I like to play with these two opposing themes by exchanging their natural habitats, encouraging you to understand the space you are within, and how you react and move with it.

To experiment with different materials is an integral part of my practice. This allows me to explore ideas of space manipulation, by using structural forms and natural materials with subtle and sometimes upfront approaches. My work seeks to evolve and replenish an environment by means of simple gestures.


To enter a space,
Different today than yesterday,
And notice the cracks          

Tags: Art, Design, Form, Forms, Light, Metal, Object, Obstruction, Space, Structure, Wood

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