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Kirsty Adams

Kirsty Jade is a contemporary jewellery designer who is inspired by her love of avant-garde catwalk design and aspires to be involved in the fashion industry by collaborating with fashion designers. Her work ranges from small wearable’s to one off statement pieces.  Kirsty Jade enjoys using  non-traditional materials within her work to give an element of surprise and to get her audience to question the process behind her work. Kirsty’s recent work focuses on restriction. Whether it be literal restriction or restriction from society. This stems from a personal and social subject matter.
 Her current collection is a representation of mental health restriction shown through the literal restriction of slavery.

Tags: Contemporary Jewellery, Fashion, Jewellery Design, Kirsty Jade, Kirsty Jade Jewellery, Kirstyjadeadams, Statement Pieces, Wearables

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