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Kristina Gordon

 My work looks in detail at the lost objects compartment structure. This structure has two front views, complete with smaller compartments to organise the items. My scheme looks at the Lost and Found, which has different stages at each floor level. The term lost objects has two aspects towards the space as well as the compartment structure. Lost objects which have been misplaced, or lost objects that have been donated. Looking at the lost and Found is where I got the name for my space as Déjà vu- which means already seen.

The structure is meant to resemble a place where people can be reconnected with there lost items (Found), or in fact lose and item (donate) and take away something (Found).  The use of the layered slotting technique, to create the main structure was so that you are able to see through to the contents at all angles.

Tags: Acrylic, Deep Engrave, Deja Vu, Lasercut, Lost And Found, Mdf Wood, Memory, Memory Training

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