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Lara Rhodes

As an Art Director I have an ongoing fascination with the human anatomy which is juxtaposed by the themes I have explored being technology based. 

I have looked at themes that concern humans and their future explore a modern day version of George Orwell 1984. What would happen to us as a species in the future are we all going to be condensed into one living being or are we still going be able to be seen as individuals in a dominate technology word.

I use the knowledge and skills that are textiles based that help move me forward as a brand that is enticing and unique. This has developed me as an Art Director. Once graduating I will be moving back down to London manoeuvring myself with in the creative art scene based mainly in branding and editorial magazines.  

Tags: Art Director, Branding, Editorial, Illustrator, Magazine, Photography, Styling, Trend Book

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