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Leigh Sharman

Swigen Centre is a place to celebrate Welsh Literates whilst developing new literate voices. The centre welcomes people of all nationalities to a currently evolving multicultural area of Wales. The space provides occupants with an atmosphere that engages with harmony, good will and growth.

The building features a family of creative clouds that are designed as bespoke places to suit a wide variety of target users with the intention to contemplate to read, write and recite. They have been given this name as they all have Wi-Fi capabilities to send information to the communication tower located at the ground floor of the building. The purpose of their design is to offer occupants a place to produce pieces of literature to share with others in the building with access to this interactive connection. The definition of Swigen in welsh means ‘bubble’ and in English ‘to be silent’.

The pods provide a comfortable environment for up to two occupants that want to occupy them for self-development consumed in their own creative bubble or with a personal tutor until they are comfortable to share their work with others. The overall aim is to allow occupants to enhance their language and linguistic skills in Wales.

Tags: Concept Spaces, Interactive Spaces

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