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Lois Norman

I am an image-maker and a textile artist, creating digitally printed designs from original photographs, scans and collages using a selected colour pallet. The concept behind my work is place, space and emotion; evoking emotion of the past through texture and surface pattern. I am fascinated by my family home, the objects contained within and the memories they hold, it is where the past and present collide and there is a sense of history and trace of a place or time. To inform my practice I use objects collected from my home including my grandfathers books to old flooring, I then combine with digital scanning focusing on creating a ‘moment’ a sense of history, absence and time. I have been working on a collection of fabric samples using this process and method. Because my working practice is image based, this facilitates the opportunity to work across several creative disciplines. This approach affords the opportunity for many outcomes, and for my final presentation, I have decided to show a collection of fashion scarves from 3 collections.

Tags: Collage, Digital Print, History, Object, Place

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