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Mariacarla Norall

Connected Cities: a new multi-storey public space for Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.

Public spaces are places of cultural exchange, where people can sit, share daily life with fellow city dwellers and observe a curiosity in the lifestyle of others. As cities become forever larger and busier, public squares should act as the living rooms of our cities, a place in which city dwellers can pause from the chaos of city life, of working, shopping, getting on buses and just... enjoy the surroundings. 

Through addressing Manchester’s climatic issues and closely observing the way in which Mancunians currently use the space, the proposal has redesigned Piccadilly Gardens with the objective of creating an inviting atmosphere that users will no longer just hurriedly walk through, but feel the desire to spend time in.

Afterall, “A successful public space should be like a great party. People stay because they are having a great time!”

Tags: Bus Station, Comic, Comic Book, Comic Book Architecture, Daily Life, Manchester, Mancunions, Meeting Place, Piazza, Piccadilly Gardens, Public, Public Space, Social Interaction, Square, Stories, Urban Design

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