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Mariam Iqbal

Innovation: Education: Exchange provides a mutual benefit to opposing agencies by using a platform that acts as a new form of connection on the Manchester Ship Canal. With the use of the Reciprocus network (group work) and community engagement, the project aims to create informal events held at highly contested locations.Located in Irlam (Salford Borough) and Partington (Trafford Borough) the site chosen was a disused bridge torn between two towns. What was once a link carrying freight and passengers, soon became a zone of conflict between rival youth gangs from either towns. Rich in its history, story and contestation, Reciprocus: ‘The educator’ intervenes by providing a new opportunity for exchange for its major stakeholder, the youth. Redundancies and unemployment were taken into consideration and were used as key motivators for the program. Creating a shared endeavour between opposing towns through an existing derelict form of waste, this project continuously reiterates how value lies within skill and different forms of waste.

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