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Marta Durlej

One of the big existing problems not only in the UK but elsewhere is that terms like “refugee” or “asylum-seeker” have an incorrect connotation, it is common that they are even associated with criminality. The truth is that everybody has right to claim refuge and there is nothing wrong or illegal by doing that.  The essential human rights are the right to life, security and liberty but it seems like these are becoming only nice slogans that have been pushed aside by immigration laws and taken under consideration whenever the situation is comfortable.

This project focuses on the most vulnerable group who are unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

The main goal of the design is to face people with this issue and make them realize that there are “stories behind”; things that for Western societies are uncomfortable to talk or even think about, for others are elements of every day lives.  

Tags: Animation, Exhibition Design, Global Humanitarian Issues, Humanitarian Design, Narrative Architecture, Social Sustainability

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