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Megan Ocheduszko

Touch. It is our most diverse sense. It is our most social, our most personal and irreplaceable. Through exploring touch, tactility and the way we hold everyday objects, particularly brushes, in our hands I aim to create playful, hand held, multisensory objects and wearables that stimulate our senses to create a relaxing sensory experience for the user. Creating objects that give the user a sense stimulating and relaxing experience is what motivates my work. I enjoy the playfulness of objects designed to be touched and handled.For many people, handling and playing with something in their hands supports their concentration when carrying out thoughtful tasks. My work encourages the user to appreciate the combination of their sense of touch and deep thought and concentration, and the relaxing benefits from stimulating our sense of touch: A sense which is often taken for granted.

Tags: Contemporary Jewellery, Tactile

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