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Meredith Byrne

There is nothing wrong with your perception of reality, do not attempt to adjust the illusion. The mind can alter your state of consciousness and cause you to observe and experience the abnormal. Encounter infinity and allow your mind to come alive just as your body falls asleep. Now it is time to submit quietly, close your eyes and leave this world, enter the endless freedom through imagination. By lucidity, the physical becomes anarchical as we experience conscious liberation in hallucination, the perception of something that is not truly present, as awash our wake is with illusions to truth. We lie on the shore of our consciousness, allowing the waves of sensation to pass over us, hinting at the ocean beyond. Step into perceptual waters and risk the unknown, find liberation, you may never return.

Tags: Abnormal, Abstract, Dreams, Film, Hallucination, Illusion, Liberation, Light, Lucidity, Perception, Photography, Projection, Reality

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