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Natalie Seah

As an interior designer, I have always believed that design is not only about aesthetics and style but a good design can change the way people live.

In our increasingly unhappy and busy society, happiness is diminishing in our work and living spaces. There has been an increasing attention on the pursuit of happiness. Student for happiness is a non-profit forum set in London that aims to put ‘happiness’ at the heart of intellectual discourse. In this project, I have attempted to bring this idea and organisation into Manchester and have designed a space to hold the activities and events they are currently running.

The building is essentially imagined as a brain as research has shown that the neuroactivities in our pre-frontal cortex is responsible for us to feel happy. By dividing the building into the left (spaces that preserves memory) and the right (spaces that creates memories), I started creating diffused spaces that provides choices for the users instead of having one distinct circulation path in the space.

In Unit X, I’ve explored lighting design in further details as I have always been fascinated with how lighting can make a strong impact in creating the atmosphere in spaces. This mood reflecting LED light design is then incorporated in the space to measure the levels of happiness during different intervals of the day.

Tags: Barissol, Community, Environmentalfriendly, Happinessindex, Installations, Interactive Design, Lightingdesign

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