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Nicola Povey


Having a great passion for all aspects of art and design has been restrictive at times. Often when asked what direction or path I’d like to specialise in, I am unable to provide a definitive answer as my art consists of many mediums.

Photography is a portal in which I am able to express my theories by exploiting these mediums I then translate through the lens. I am an artist who uses photography.

Flowers have featured heavily in my work this year. My foundation of study began with the very basics of art. Colour, light, texture, composition and theory. 17th  century still life paintings enriched these elemental studies from which I established my Still Life. Naturally. Series. Works that question authenticity and the ‘already seen’. I lead the observer away from the expectation of still life and encourage them to re-visit their perspective.

Being granted the M.A.F.A Graduate award has given me the fantastic opportunity to exhibit my work with the academy. I aim to take full advantage of this by using it as a platform for experience, identifying myself as an artist and raise interest in my craft.

-watch this space-  

Tags: Art, Beauty, Flowers, Grey, Lighting, Natural, Painting, Portrait, Still Life

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