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Nicola Scobie

In my final project I have specialsed in high end and bespoke wallpaper print designs.

Living walls is a bespoke wallpaper collection based on the concept of turning a 2D product 3D. The delicate designs are created using the highly durable material Tyvek. This ensures long lasting wallpapers with 3D elements bringing the designs to life with elements coming away from the design.

The Living Walls collection can be made to order to fit a variety of spaces. The diversity of the collection offers a choice of exotic designs and foils to embellish the 3D elements. The different choices in the collection allows the customer to exhibit their personality and individuality.

I have also designed two high end wallpaper collections. Utopia is a colour collection inspired by botany, contrasting with the second collection Prunus; a monochrome collection that primarily relies on its fine line detail to stand out.  

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