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Olivia Paine

My work centres around the relationship between procession and Architecture which has led to a broader interest in the relationship between architectural form and movement through a space. The Playwright's Association provides a practical illustration of this interest by translating and defining the everyday processional routes through its arcade and courtyard spaces. The project centres around the belief that successful architecture should be designed around the user and should return to the human scale at each stage of development. Its form thus incorporates the street, aiming to unite writer and pedestrian within the enclosing creative spaces. Through means of materiality, aperture and programme the design creates a narrative which expresses and integrates the confrontation between social and staged. The resulting architecture invites the user to inspire and be inspired by the constant scripting of everyday life within the theatre.  

Tags: Aperture, Architecture, Human Scale, Incorporating The Street, Manchester City Centre, Materiality, Pedestrian Ritual, Playwriting, Procession, Scripting, Street, Theatre, Unifying Creator And Spectator

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