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Raymond Martin

My work is the result of an interest in the exotic landscapes of the world. With the technological advances available in today’s society, we are all able to access the wonders of the world with the click of a button. The experience we have of these places is simultaneously, genuine and fabricated. My paintings explore the ways in which deconstruction, or ‘barriers’ within an image can create feelings of frustration and distancing for the viewer – they are able to build a relationship with the marks and forms in them, but the relationship build is a manufactured one. Due to the post-modern art world I reside in, with its pluralistic structure I, as a young artist am able to take the painted landscape and recreate it, abstracting from reality and appropriating the highly saturated colours surrounding me in society. In employing conflicting visual languages within the landscapes, both interiorly and in the physicality of construction I am both re-enacting visually for an audience to see, the struggle I have with my source imagery and creating questions about the nature of painting in itself.

Tags: Barrier, Frustration, Insertion, Interruption, Landscape, Large Scale, Notion, Oil Paint, Small Scale

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