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Rebecca Stonehouse

Knitwear Designer

As a knitwear designer I create luxury women’s knitwear aswell as knitted fabrics for fashion in the high end market. As a designer I’m extremely passionate about contrasting textures and colours, constantly experimenting with innovative yarns and materials. My work is driven by a strong focus on photography, usually forming the foundations of my colour palette and structural designs. Throughout my practice I combining the techniques of both the domestic and the dubied machines against the craft of hand knitting to create an exciting contrast between the textual surface.

For my final graduate collection I created an A/W collection inspired to challenge the contrast between natural and psychedelics, focusing mainly on exploring the raw beauty of amethyst rocks. The collection has a strong emphasis on unique design, using a mix of carefully hand dyed yarns to depict the tonal quality within the rock.

Tags: Knit Knitwear Knitforfashion

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