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Robbie Stanton

I am a student of the Manchester School of Architecture and I am currently finishing my bachelors degree. I chose to work in the atelier 'Adaptive Architecture for Climate Change' as I am axcited by the capacity of our profession to solve the multifacted problems of our changing world.

My third year project, based in Stockport, is built for a future in which extreme wind events are becoming increasingly frequent and severe. The building has a hybrid programme of a museum and underground bunker space, meaning it can serve as a needed cultural hub for Stockport, whilst providing shelter and protection for the local population in extreme weather. 'Adaptability' is crucial to the changing function of my proposition. Mechanically rotating and unfolding walls provide a range of different spatial arrangements to suit changing exhibition requirements or a modular shelter space. 

Tags: Architecture, Bunker, Computer Design, Dark, Drawing, Historical, Light, Materiality, Spiritual, Underground

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