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Ruth Murray

My work explores the relationship between the drawn, printed and stitched mark. Using a range textile processes, I have created embellished fashion fabrics for a scarf collection. These evolve from drawings which were translated onto fabric using a combination of hand and digital print. Embroidery further enhances the surface with freely flowing marks sewn on the Cornelly machines.

Abstract designs convey the energy of the coastal landscape through marks observed within the space. I was drawn to contrasting textures and the relentless motion of the waves and tide. My work involves an intriguing juxtaposition of inspiration: vibrant colours extracted from aquatic life reveal a hidden world of colour beneath the water’s surface. I also studied rocks and shells collected from the beach and the specimens at Manchester Museum.  Extracting their intricate details and surface patterns, I sought to display a world of beauty, wonder and curiosity.

Tags: Coastal Landscape, Embroidery, Print, Silk Scarves

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