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Sheel Doshi

Women's Happiness Centre and Housing for Vulnerable Women 

“ Dad does the work, Mum just does everything else. That’s the way it is innit?” – David, Cheetwood Centre

 Due to social pressures and stereotypical gender roles, the moment of self-reflection is quintessential for a woman to start to define and re-define her own notion of ‘success’ and ‘happiness’.

The Woman’s Happiness Centre and temporary housing for vulnerable women creates opportunities where women have control over what they do, where they do it and how private they want their actions to be.

The project focuses around the idea of a collision between professional development, family, and personal development, as a way to create opportunities for women in Cheetham Hill to balance work and life and the freedom to create their own definition of ‘success’.The Happiness Centre encourages interaction and openness between women as means of overcoming barriers, and moving forward together.

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