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Sonia Ayaz

I am a textile designer specialising in digital print for fashion. My current print collections are inspired by discarded objects, re found and given a new lease of life. My work differs from the process of recycling, objects remain the same but are juxtaposed to create prints for the fashion market. 

I am also interested in technology and how it interacts with data, for 2 of my collections I have worked under the theme glitches. Where by a computer has a malfunction and destroys data and as a result creates a glitch, this only exists within a virtual space otherwise it has no physical existence.

Methodologies that are used are predominately photography and digital editing skills. Technology plays a key part in my work alongside a fine art approach to my textile practice. 


Twitter: @SOn1aAyAAz

Tags: Artdirection, Aw2014, Design, Digital-designing, Digitalprinting, Fashion, Glitch, Lookbook, Objects, Photoshoot, Printing, Ss2015, Textile

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