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Sophie Knight

We are all familiar with the common characteristics of suburbia but as an individual we have no say in how and what is built for us, instead only inhabiting the spaces provided. It is planned and built in a repetitive and organised fashion; a fashion which is repeated throughout every suburb.

Depending on the wealth of an area the common characteristics differ. The telling signs of so called wealth include perfect lawns, manicured hedges, size of properties and so on. But behind this superficially beautiful exterior lies tales of poverty, domestic difficulties and essentially social difference.  The properties may all look the same from the outside but the inhabitants have stories of their own.

Suburbia looks the same to any outsider. It is the way individuals choose to decorate their properties from the outside which differentiates properties from one another. These objects of decoration, such as sculpture and use of cultivated green which sit on the exterior of a property, make each house a home, turning it from a space to a place..

My photography aims to emphasis the common characteristics and geometric shapes of suburbia, in turn it becomes  mimicry of a fake model town.

Tags: Altred Landscapes, Cultivated, Facade, Green, Man Vs Nature, Managed Landscape, Suburbia, Urban

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