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Sorcha Boyle

“The time of the fragment, in other words, is never the fullness of the present. It is the time of between-times: between remembering and forgetting, continuity and discontinuity, obedience and objection; between time past and time still to come.”

A preoccupation with the fragmentary forms the foundation of my current work. Concerned with the importance of the close-up, I look at how focusing in on acute detail removes the context from the image, providing a disrupted, broken narrative and the compulsion to connect. Despite the disjointed nature of the images, the presence of water in my work creates a thematic and visual connection. Water and the medium of video share properties of transience, fluidity and reflection. My imagery has a highly visceral quality and my installation work aims to create an immersive and sensory experience. Through the balance of absence and presence I want to engage the viewer’s imagination and allow them to assign their own meaning to the work.

Tags: Close-up, Fragments, Installation, Projection, Selkie, Video

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