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Stephanie Lawton

As an aspiring surface pattern designer, I have always been drawn to elaborate detail and intricate patterns, which are qualities that I have aspired to maintain throughout my practice. I combine both hand drawn and digitally drawn elements to create patterns, which have a very graphic and illustrative feel. 

I am inspired by modern technology and the potential it has, in being incorporated into textiles and interior design. By using processes such as laser cutting and raster engraving, it has opened my eyes to a much more contemporary way of working, my aim being to contrast modern technology with tradition and culture, renewing and modernising classic and timeless patterns from other cultures into our modern world. 

I have created decorative and bespoke designs, which can be applied to a range of different outputs, including ceramics and tiles, to soft furnishings and wall coverings, as both commercial products and commissioned assignments.

Tags: Bespoke, Ceramics, Commissions, Culture, Fabric, Hard Surfaces, Henna, Illustration, Interiors, Islamic Pattern, Laser Cut, Laser Engraved, Screen Print, Surface Pattern Design, Technology, Wallpaper Design, Wood

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