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Taniya Ittan

‘At Crossroads’

‘At Crossroads’, a food hub and housing scheme, aims to promote street inhabitance by creating opportunities to grow your own food. Forming connections with the surrounding markets and houses, it makes use of organic farming and intergenerational practices (from the proposed housing) to achieve this habitation. By creating nodes of activities, indoors and outdoors, the scheme encourages serendipity and creation of networks on a personal scale. This is achieved spatially through the careful design of thresholds (represented by the models) and space arrangement, with the key usage of a landscape intervention to encourage interactivity.

Tags: At Crossroads, Boarded Concrete, Cheetham Hill, Corten Steel, Flexible Housing, Growing Food, Intergenerational, Networks, Nodes Of Activities, Red Brick, Street Inhabitance, Sustainability

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